Signature requirements for ballot measures in Wyoming

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This page details signature requirements for statewide ballot measures in Wyoming.
List of measures

Wyoming ballot measures come in different varieties. They are:

Signature requirements

See also: Laws governing the initiative process in Wyoming

The signature requirement in Wyoming is based on the number of votes cast in the state's most recent general election--held every two years. However, in most I&R states, the number of signatures required is based on gubernatorial elections--almost always held every four years. As a result of Wyoming's atypical system, the number of signatures changes significantly every two years due to the fact that voter turnout for presidential elections is generally much higher than in mid-term elections.

More specifically, initiated state statutes and veto referendums require signatures equal to 15 percent of the total ballots cast in the previous general election. This is the highest signature requirement of any state, even considering requirements for initiating constitutional amendments. Citizen-initiated amendments are not allowed in Wyoming.

 Year  Votes cast in most recent general election Initiated statute Veto referendum
2016 171,153 (2014 election) 25,673 25,673
2015 171,153 (2014 election) 25,673 25,673
2014 250,701 (2012 election) 37,606 37,606
2013 250,701 (2012 election) 37,606 37,606
2012 190,822 (2010 election) 28,623 28,623
2011 190,822 (2010 election) 28,623 28,623
2010 256,035 (2008 election) 38,406 38,406
2009 256,035 (2008 election) 38,406 38,406
2008 196,217 (2006 election) 29,433 29,433
2007 196,217 (2006 election) 29,433 29,433
2006 245,789 (2004 election) 36,899 36,899
2005 245,789 (2004 election) 36,899 36,899
2004 188,028 (2012 election) 28,204 28,204
2003 188,028 (2012 election) 28,204 28,204

DocumentIcon.jpg See law: Wyoming Constitution, Article 3, Section 52(c)

Basis for calculation

  • In the 2010 general election, a total of 190,822 ballots were cast.[1]

Geographic distribution

See also: Distribution requirement


See also: Laws governing recall in Wyoming

In Wyoming, recall of elected officials is only available for elected officials of cities and towns that use the commission form of government. In those towns and cities, a recall election is triggered if signatures equaling 25% of all registered electors in the relevant city or town are gathered, submitted, and held to be sufficient by the clerk of the city or town. There is no rule governing how long or short a time is allowed to collect the required number of signatures.

Filing deadlines


The filing deadline for initiatives was February 10, 2014 and 37,606 signatures were required.[2]


The filing deadline to turn in signatures to qualify an initiated statute for the November 2012 ballot is February 13, 2012[3].


The filing deadline to turn in signatures to qualify an initiated statute for the November 2010 ballot is February 8, 2010.

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