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Petition transcription

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Petition transcription is a method used by circulators to increase signature gathering efficiency by writing in certain information for the signer.

Transcribing or filling in a signature on behalf of a signer is never legal. In certain states, however, transcribing the printed name, address, zip code, county, date, etc. can be legal for certain kinds of petitions.

Transcribing is done by the circulator to improve efficiency and make signing petitions more accessible to signers. Transcribing allows the signer to sign and write all of their information on the first petition and simply sign their name on the remaining petitions, relying on the circulator to duplicate their information. It also allows the signer to verbally communicate their information, while the circulator writes it down in the appropriate spaces on the petition form.

Legality of transcription by state

States where transcribing is legal

  • South Dakota: According to the state rules on the form of petitions, information on a petition form besides the signature itself may be filled in by the "signer or the circulator."[2]

States without laws governing transcription

There are also a number of states that do not say whether or not it is legal to transcribe. Petition drive companies, in this case, generally decide not to allow circulators to transcribe just to be on the safe side.

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