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Signatures filed in Colorado to qualify anti-Obamacare initiative for ballot

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August 2, 2010

Campaign logo of the Caldara initiative

DENVER, Colorado: Petition signatures were filed with the Colorado Secretary of State's office on Friday, July 30 to qualify a Healthcare Amendment for the November 2, 2010 ballot.[1]

The signatures were filed by Jon Caldara of the Independence Institute. Caldara said of the initiative, ""We want Colorado to be a sanctuary state for quality health care. This is not just to address the mandate in Obama-care, this is to make sure Colorado never becomes like Massachusetts where government puts a gun to your head and says you will buy a private product whether you want it or not."[1]

About 130,000 signatures were filed versus a requirement of about 76,000 signatures, making it likely that the initiative will qualify for the ballot. If it does, it will be the fifth citizen-initiated measure to qualify for this year's Colorado ballot.

Caldara's signature-filing came just days before voter in Missouri weigh in on Proposition C. Proposition C also attempts to nullify or undermine some aspects of the federal healthcare legislation signed into law earlier this year after a fractious national debate.

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