South Carolina: Three dozen petition candidates get certified

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August 31, 2012

South Carolina

By George Sousouris

Columbia, South Carolina: 36 candidates that had previously been removed from the ballot have been reinstated through successful petitions to the state Election Commission. Wednesday August 15 was the last day for verification to occur, so the ballot is now set for the November 6 elections.[1]

Many of the newly minted candidates were in Lexington county, but most were running in local County Council races. One Senate candidate, Katrina Shealy (R), was immediately endorsed by Republicans upon her certification. She will face incumbent Jake Knotts (R) who has recently come under fire from his party for his role in the ballot controversy.[2][3]

Controversy has surrounded this years state legislative elections in South Carolina since a Court decision in May kicked-off nearly 150 candidates. These candidates were unable to participate in the June 12 primary, and many have since attempted to get on the general election ballot through through petitions, a process that normally only attracts one or two candidates in most elections cycles.[1]

Eight petitions were deemed invalid, and those candidates will not be listed on the ballot.[1]

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