South Carolina Initiative and Referendum Amendment (2012)

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South Carolina Ballot Measure Amendment will not appear on the 2012 statewide ballot in South Carolina as a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment. A failed 2010 version of the measure was sponsored by Sen. Mike Rose. The 2010 proposed amendment called for allowing citizens to place measures on the ballot via initiative petitions, for example: initiated constitutional amendments or initiated state statutes. 2010 legislative session ended without the measure being sent to the ballot. The 2012 version proposed similar effects if sent to the ballot and enacted. According to reports, the measure proposed that in order to send either an initiated constitutional amendment or an initiated state statute to the ballot, signatures from at least 10 percent of state registered voters would be required. There are multiple measures dealing with the initiative and referendum process currently in legislature, with all proposing similar effects, one being S 67.[1][2]

Path to the ballot

Section 1 of Article XVI of the South Carolina Constitution says that a legislatively-referred amendment can go on the ballot if approved by a 2/3rds vote of each house of the South Carolina State Legislature.

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