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South Carolina Executive Order 2007-14

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State Information

South Carolina Executive Order 2007-14, issued by Governor Mark Sanford and signed on August 30, 2007,[1] mandated that South Carolina's "Comptroller General's Office shall develop and operate a single, searchable website accessible at no cost to the public, which provides information regarding the expenditure of state funds."[1]

Accordingly, the Comptroller launched and now manages an online database, located at the South Carolina State Spending website,[2] in accordance with the requirements of the executive order.

Requirements of the order

In accord with the order's guidance, the Comptroller General's Office established and maintains a publicly available, searchable website that provides information about the expenditure of state funds. "'Expenditure of state funds' means the expenditure of all appropriated or non-appropriated funds by a state agency in forms including, but not limited to, grants, contracts, and subcontracts."[1] The order requires state agencies to submit their funding sources and expenditure records to the General Comptroller's Office.[1]

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