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June 9, 2014

June 10, 2014 Election Preview

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By Garrett Fortin

The 2014 South Carolina primary elections are being held on June 10, 2014. There are nine offices involved: Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State and five down ballot positions. In all, there are six races to watch, including one Democratic and five Republican contested primaries. Races in which no candidate gets 50% or more of the vote will be decided in a runoff election on June 24 between the top two candidates.

Below, Ballotpedia has put together a preview of those upcoming elections.

South Carolina's polling hours on Election Day are from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, Eastern time.

South Carolina Governor
See also: South Carolina gubernatorial election, 2014

There are no competitive primaries for Governor of South Carolina. Incumbent Republican Nikki Haley will face Democratic state senator Vincent Sheheen in November, alongside Libertarian Steve French, United Citizens Party candidate Morgan Reeves and Independent Tom Ervin.

South Carolina Lieutenant Governor
See also: South Carolina Lieutenant Gubernatorial election, 2014

There are four candidates contesting the Republican nomination for South Carolina Lieutenant Governor. This is an open seat since incumbent Republican Glenn McConnell is leaving office to become a college president.

The winner will face Democrat state representative Bakari Sellers in November. This is the final election in which the lieutenant governor is elected separately from the governor. Starting in 2018, candidates for governor will select running mates and run on a joint ticket, arguably making the winner of this election a lame duck immediately upon inauguration.

South Carolina Attorney General
See also: South Carolina attorney general election, 2014

There are no contested primaries for attorney general. Incumbent Republican Alan Wilson and Democrat Parnell Diggs are the only candidates and are set for the general election.

South Carolina Secretary of State
See also: South Carolina secretary of state election, 2014

The primaries for secretary of state are similarly quiet: incumbent Republican Mark Hammond will face Democrat Ginny Deerin in the general.

South Carolina down ballot offices
See also: South Carolina down ballot state executive elections, 2014

The real statewide executive primary action in South Carolina on Tuesday is in the primaries for these five down ballot offices, with five of the night's six contested statewide executive primaries found here.

  • Treasurer
The incumbent Republican, Curtis Loftis, Jr. faces a primary challenge from Republican Brian Adams. The winner of this primary wins it all, as there are no other parties contesting the seat.
  • Comptroller
This incumbent, Republican Richard Eckstrom is unopposed in the primary and will face Democrat Kyle Herbert in November. (Note: A prior version of this article said that Eckstrom faced a primary challenge. This was incorrect, as this challenger withdrew from the race before the primary.)
  • Superintendent
The open seat left by retiring incumbent Mick Zais and the national conversation over Common Core have inspired many candidates to throw their hat in the ring to run for superintendent. The primaries for this office feature four Democrats, eight Republicans and an Independent.

Democratic Party Montrio Belton - Former director in the state Department of Education[4]
Democratic Party Sheila Gallagher[2]
Democratic Party Jerry Govan[3]
Democratic Party Tom Thompson[3]

Republican Party Gary Burgess - Member of the Anderson County Board of Education[5]
Republican Party Sheri Few - Activist[6]
Republican Party Amy Cofield - former educator and friend of Gov. Haley[7]
Republican Party Sally Atwater - special needs educator and widow of late political operative Lee Atwater[8]
Republican Party Charmeka Childs - Deputy superintendent of education[9]
Republican Party Don Jordan[2]
Republican Party Molly Mitchell Spearman[2]
Republican Party Elizabeth Moffly - former congressional candidate[3]

Independent Ed Murray[10]

  • Agriculture Commissioner
Incumbent Republican Hugh Weathers faces a primary challenge from Republican Joe Farmer. Two other candidates will take part in the general election: United Citizens Party candidate David Edmond and American Party candidate Emile DeFelice.
  • Adjutant General
Incumbent Republican Robert E. Livingston, Jr. faces a primary challenge from Republican James Breazeale. No candidates from another party are contesting this seat.

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