South Carolinians for Responsible Government

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South Carolinians for Responsible Government (SCRG) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to increase government efficiency and accountability.

Its main focus is on school choice and the belief "that every child in South Carolina deserves equal access to a wide range of classrooms -public, charter, magnet, independent and home school- in order to receive the most effective and appropriate instruction possible."[1]

Transparency projects

School choice

SCRG states that while South Carolina has increased funding for public schools over the last 40 years, the results have been disappointing. To that end, the institute supports "legislation that allows for both state income tax credits and scholarships as a way to create school choice and give all parents the ability to decide how and where their children are educated."[2]

Their website contains facts, original research and a "take action" center.

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