South Dakota Allow Possible Conflict of Interest (1998)

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South Dakota Amendment C was an Amendment to Article III, Section 12 of the South Dakota Constitution concerning legislative conflicts of interest. It was on the 1998 election ballot in South Dakota where it was defeated with 194,689 votes opposed.

Text of measure

Amendment C removes some "conflict of interest" restrictions upon legislators. Legislators are currently prohibited from having a direct or indirect interest in state contracts and in some county contracts, during their term or one year thereafter. Amendment C would allow legislators to have a personal, indirect financial interest in state contracts, and a direct financial interest in any county contract. Under current law, no legislator may be elected or appointed to a state or local office if the Legislature created the office or increased its compensation during the legislator's term. Amendment C would allow such an election or appointment. Under current law, legislators may not hold certain state executive and administrative offices during their term. Amendment C would allow legislators to hold these offices during their term, if they are not compensated.


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