South Dakota Change the Lottery System Amendment (1994)

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South Dakota Amendment E (1994) was an amendment to section 25 of Article III of the Constitution of the state of South Dakota, relating to the state lottery and video games of chance.

Approveda It passed with 165,185 votes in favor.

Text of measure

The Constitution authorizes the State to own, operate and regulate a "lottery," but prohibits "games of chance." In June 1994, the Supreme Court ruled that the current video lottery system, created in 1989, is a "game of chance" rather than a "lottery."

This amendment allows the lottery system to continue operating as it did before the court decision. The amendment will discourage lawsuits against the state treasury. The amendment also prohibits expansion of private ownership, and prohibits state-wide slot machines.

A vote "YES" will reauthorize the state lottery system. A vote "NO" will prohibit the video lottery system.[1]


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