South Dakota Governor creates review of red tape

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June 26, 2012

South Dakota

By Jennifer Springer

PIERRE, South Dakota: As part of Governor Dennis Daugaard's Better Government initiative, in a press release from June 22 it was announced that starting on July 1, a series of new laws will be taking effect that will repeal more than 400 sections of state law that are "unnecessary, out-of-date or too complex."[1] Additionally, the Red Tape Review initiated the elimination of more than 1,100 state government regulations through the administrative rules process.[1]

In a release from the office of Governor Daugaard, he stated “It’s my goal to get rid of laws and regulations that are not needed and are a burden on South Dakotans. I want to compliment my Cabinet and staff for doing their best to conduct a very successful review of red tape.”[1] He went on to state that while this is the first year of the Red Tape Review, it will not be the last.[1]

Examples of the type of cuts as part of this program include "outdated banking provisions, burdensome insurance regulations, redundant measures governing the construction and inspection of burial methods, and information that was collected to obtain federal funds that no longer are appropriated."[1]

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