South Dakota legislators end session with initiative reform bill approved

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June 29, 2010

By Kyle Maichle

PIERRE, South Dakota: Legislators in South Dakota ended the 2009-2010 on March 30th with an initiative reform bill approved and signed into law by Governor of South Dakota Mike Rounds.

The only bill that was considered was Senate Bill 13. The bill was considered a comprehensive initiative reform bill by the many changes the bill presented. The first major change to the bill was how a qualified elector was defined. Under the bill, a qualified elector is someone who is on the statewide voter registration list. Also, the bill requires the verification of any petition circulator in the state of South Dakota. The verification standards call for any petition circulator's signature to be notarized in public along with certifying no state laws were violated in gathering the signatures. In addition, the bill also has an more defined appeals process for any signature on a petition that was denied[1].

The bill was approved by the South Dakota State Senate on January 21, 2010, on a 33-0 vote and by the South Dakota House of Representatives on a 69-1 vote on February 24, 2010[2]. Governor Rounds signed the bill into law on March 8, 2010[2].

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