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June 3, 2014

June 3, 2014 Election Preview

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*South Dakota Governor

By Garrett Fortin

The 2014 South Dakota primary elections are being held on June 3, 2014. There is one statewide executive office involved: Governor. The race has contested Democratic and Republican primaries, along with one unopposed Independent candidate. In all, there are five candidates in three primaries.

Seven other state executive offices in South Dakota will appear on the ballot in November. Candidates for these offices (South Dakota Attorney General, South Dakota Secretary of State and five down ballot races) will be chosen at party conventions in late June.

The four candidates for the two contested primaries are:

Republican Primary - Governor

Democratic Primary - Governor

Below, Ballotpedia has put together a preview of the upcoming election.

South Dakota's polling hours on Election Day are from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, for both Central and Mountain time.

South Dakota Governor
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Incumbent Republican Governor Dennis Daugaard faces a primary challenge from former state representative Lora Hubbel. Hubbel is thought to be challenging Daugaard from the right by emphasizing their disagreements on issues such as Common Core and the Affordable Care Act.[4]

Another state representative, Susan Wismer, faces the former director of the state Wildland Fire Suppression Division, Joe Lowe, in the race for the Democratic nomination. Whoever wins will face a difficult contest in this solidly Republican state if incumbent Daugaard wins re-nomination as anticipated.

The only gubernatorial candidate without a primary opponent is an Independent, Mike Myers.

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