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The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, owned by the Tribune Company, is the main daily newspaper of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and all of Broward County. Its main competitor in this area is the Miami Herald, out of neighboring Miami-Dade County to the south.

The paper now publishes throughout southeastern Florida as the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, including the Miami-Dade area, and Palm Beach County (West Palm Beach area) to the north. In this area, The Palm Beach Post is the main rival of the Sun-Sentinel.

The Sun-Sentinel publishes various websites including,, and The Sun-Sentinel is the result of a newspaper merger from the 1950s, combining the Pompano Beach Sun with the Fort Lauderdale Sentinel.

The Sun-Sentinel emphasizes providing local news, through its Community News and Local sections. It reaches more than 600,000 readers daily and more than 850,000 on Sundays. Although it has not won a Pulitzer Prize, it has been a "nominated finalist" numerous times, including its 2006 coverage of Hurricane Wilma and an investigation into the Federal Emergency Management Agency's mismanagement of hurricane aid.

Initiative coverage

The Sun-Sentinel has thorough coverage of initiatives. The paper often covers more conservative issues and has lately been focusing on the Florida Cut Property Taxes Now (2008).


In 2001, the Sun-Sentinel opened its first full-time foreign bureau in Havana, Cuba. Shared with the Tribune Co., their Havana newsroom is the only permanent presence of any South Florida newspaper.

In 2002, the Sun-Sentinel began publishing a Spanish weekly newspaper, El Sentinel. The newspaper is distributed free on Saturdays to Hispanic households in Broward and Palm Beach counties and is also available in racks in both counties. It's also available online at In 2004, the paper won the Payne Award for Ethics in Journalism for its coverage of health and human services in the state.

Sun-Sentinel's website has news video from two South Florida television stations: West Palm Beach's NBC affiliate WPTV and WSFL, the Miami and Fort Lauderdale CW affiliate.


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