Special elections to the 113th United States Congress (2013-2014)

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Special Elections to the 113th Session of Congress, 2013-2014

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HawaiiMassachusettsNew JerseyOklahomaSouth Carolina

U.S. House
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Special elections to United States Congress are required in the event of vacancies. This page is a compilation of all special elections to the 113th Congress in 2013-2014.

Special elections to Congress occur when a legislator resigns or is removed from office. Depending on the specific state laws governing vacancies, a state can either hold an election within the same calendar year, or wait until the next regularly scheduled election. For the purposes of our coverage of Congressional special elections, we combined all special elections pertaining to the 113th Congress to one page. Some of these special elections occurred in 2013; others occurred in 2014.

Sixteen congressional special elections were scheduled to occur at some point in 2013-2014.

Breakdown of 113th United States Congress special elections

Among the reasons for special elections included:

  • 3 due to acceptance of private sector jobs
  • 3 due to political appointment
  • 2 due to a senator's death
  • 2 due to criminal prosecution/health issues
  • 1 due to a representative's death
  • 1 due to acceptance of a university position
  • 1 due to health issues/early retirement
  • 1 due to win in special election
  • 1 due to resignation after primary loss

The partisan breakdown for vacancies was as follows:

Announced special elections

The table below detailed a running list of the special elections to the 113th United States Congress as they were announced.

District Prior Incumbent Special Election Candidates (General Election Only) Election Date Winner Partisan Switch?
Illinois' 2nd Jesse Jackson Jr. Democratic Party Robin Kelly
Republican Party Paul McKinley
Green Party LeAlan M. Jones
Independent Curtis Llong Bey
Independent Marcus Lewis
Independent Elizabeth Pahlke
April 9, 2013[1] Democratic Party Robin Kelly No
South Carolina's 1st Tim Scott Democratic Party Elizabeth Colbert-Busch
Republican Party Mark Sanford
Green Party Eugene Platt
May 7, 2013[2][3] Republican PartyMark Sanford No
Missouri's 8th Jo Ann Emerson Democratic Party Steve Hodges
Republican Party Jason T. Smith
Libertarian Party Bill Slantz
Constitution Party Doug Enyart
June 4, 2013[4][5] Republican PartyJason T. Smith No
US Senator from Massachusetts John Kerry Democratic Party Ed Markey
Republican Party Gabriel Gomez
June 25, 2013[6] Democratic PartyEd Markey No
US Senator from New Jersey Frank Lautenberg Democratic Party Cory Booker
Republican Party Steve Lonegan
October 16, 2013[7] Democratic PartyCory Booker No
Louisiana's 5th Rodney Alexander Republican Party Neil Riser
Republican Party Vance McAllister
November 16, 2013[8] Republican PartyVance McAllister No
Massachusetts' 5th Ed Markey Democratic Party Katherine Clark
Republican Party Frank Addivinola
December 10, 2013[9][10] Democratic PartyKatherine Clark No
Alabama's 1st Jo Bonner Democratic Party Burton LeFlore
Republican Party Bradley Byrne
December 17, 2013[11] Republican PartyBradley Byrne No
Florida's 13th C.W. Bill Young Democratic Party Alex Sink
Republican Party David Jolly
Libertarian Party Lucas Overby
Independent Michael Levinson
March 11, 2014[12] Republican PartyDavid Jolly No
Florida's 19th Trey Radel Democratic Party April Freeman
Republican Party Curt Clawson
Libertarian Party Ray Netherwood
Independent Timothy Rossano
June 24, 2014[13] Republican Party Curt Clawson No
US Senator from Hawaii Daniel Inouye Democratic Party Brian Schatz
Republican Party Cam Cavasso
Libertarian Party Michael Kokoski
Independent Arturo Reyes
Independent Joy Allison
November 4, 2014[14] Democratic Party Brian Schatz No
US Senator from South Carolina Jim DeMint Republican Party Tim Scott
Democratic Party Joyce Dickerson
Libertarian Party Thomas Coyne
Independent Brandon Armstrong
Independent Jill Bossi - American Party of South Carolina
November 4, 2014[15] Republican Party Tim Scott No
North Carolina's 12th Melvin Watt Democratic Party Alma Adams
Republican Party Vince Coakley
November 4, 2014 Democratic Party Alma Adams No
US Senator from Oklahoma Tom Coburn Republican Party James Lankford
Democratic Party Constance Johnson
Independent Mark Beard
November 4, 2014[16] Republican Party James Lankford No
Virginia's 7th Eric Cantor Republican Party David Brat
Democratic Party Jack Trammell
November 4, 2014[17] Republican Party David Brat No
New Jersey's 1st Rob Andrews Republican Party Garry Cobb
Democratic Party Donald Norcross
November 4, 2014 Democratic Party Donald Norcross No

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