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Special session called in Texas

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May 31, 2011


By Jimmy Ardis

AUSTIN, Texas:The 82nd Legislative Session officially ended Monday, but Texas legislators are still working. Due to a lack of progress on key legislative items, Governor Rick Perry called a special session which began first thing Tuesday morning. Of primary concern in the special session is passing supporting legislation needed to balance the budget. Even though a budget bill passed both the House and Senate during the regular session, a last-minute filibuster by Democratic Senator Wendy Davis halted the passing of an essential school finance bill that was required to balance the budget. The Texas Constitution requires a balanced budget, so a special session was called. Balancing the budget is not the only item on the special session agenda. Medicaid reform, immigration, and congressional redistricting are amongst the issues likely to be addressed.[1]

Ten constitutional amendments were certified for the November ballot during the regular session, but it's possible more could be passed during the current special session. The amendments certified for the ballot so far are:

The ten amendments headed for the ballot deal with subjects such as education finance, the governor's pardon powers, and tax exemptions for veterans - amongst others.

Since the Texas Legislature went immediately into special session, Texans will have to wait a bit longer to find out exactly what they'll be voting on come November.

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