Special session likely to deal with redistricting

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May 30, 2013


By Geoff Pallay

FRANKFORT, Kentucky: A lawsuit filed in Kentucky could prompt a special session to address redistricting of the legislative districts.

Twelve Northern Kentucky residents filed a lawsuit at the end of April asking the court to force the state to draw new districts or to allow the federal court to draw the new maps.

"I hope to deal with redistricting sometime before the next regular session in January so that it will not become a distraction when we're preparing the budget for the commonwealth for the next two years. I will continue to discuss this possibility with legislative leaders," Governor of Kentucky Steve Beshear (D) said.[1]

The Kentucky House of Representatives is controlled by the Democratic Party while Republicans are the majority in the Kentucky State Senate.

"Sadly, continued inaction pushes us closer to the brink of federal intervention. I can't imagine why anyone would want federal judges to do our job," said Greg Stumbo (D), state house speaker.[2]

Robert Stivers, state senate president, said that he looks "forward to the resolution of the constitutional law issues necessary to conclude redistricting."[2]

If redistricting maps are not completed by November, that would complicate the process for potential candidates to establish residency in new districts in the required one-year timeframe prior to November 2014.[3]

Stumbo has said that if the State Senate puts forth a "valid" plan, that he would request a special session be called by Governor Steve Beshear (D).[1]

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