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Spokane, Washington

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Spokane is a town in Washington. As of 2010, the population was 208,916.[1]

Website evaluation

Last rated on March 27, 2012

The good

  • Contact information is available for elected and administrative officials.[2][3]
  • Meeting minutes and agendas are posted.[4]
  • Budgets and audits are posted.[5][6]
  • Some tax information is posted, but no information regarding property or sales taxes.[7]
  • Bids are posted, but current contracts are not available.[8]
  • Public records information and request form available.[9]

The bad

  • No information regarding lobbying.

Elected Officials

The Spokane City Council is made up of seven members serving four year terms. There is one at large member who serves as president while three districts are represented by two members each.[10]

First Last Position District Term Expiration
Ben Stuckart President At Large 2015
Amber Waldref Member 1 2013
Mike Fagan Member 1 2015
Jon Snyder Member 2 2013
Mike Allen Member 2 2015
Steve Salvatori Member 3 2015
Nancy McLaughlin Member 3 2013


The current mayor of Spokane is David Condon. His current term is 2012-2015.[11]

  • Salary
    • Condon will earn $100,000 in 2012 after saying he would cap it at $100,000 for the first year during his campaign. The Spokane City Charter was changed in 1999 so that the mayor's salary would be at least equal to that of the highest salary in the city. The past two mayors in Spokane have declined a portion of their salary. Previous Mayor Mary Venner capped her salary at $100,000, but asked the city for back pay on the money she declined after she left office. The request was denied.[12]
  • Firing of City Attorney
    • Mayor Condon fired Spokane City Attorney Howard Delaney for his handling of the Otto Zehm case and his department's decision to rehire and give back pay to a police officer fired for an off-duty drunken driving and hit-and-run incident.[13]
  • Re-election Campaign
    • As of June of 2012, Condon has already raised $25,000 while spending $10,000 after being in office since December 30, 2011.[14]


In 2011, there were 190 employees (roughly 10% of city work force) who earned over $100,00 a year according to City Budget Director Tim Dunivant.[15]

The following table outlines the top 10 gross salary for 2010:[16]

Name Position Gross Wage Overtime
Dan Brown Fire Battalion Chief $189,573 $49,977
Steve Sabo Fire Battalion Chief $181,490 $51,868
Robert Green Fire Battalion Chief $175,289 $41,449
Joel Fielder Fire Battalion Chief $173,713 $38,688
Craig Cornelius Fire Battalion Chief $173,138 $42,644
Anne Kirkpatrick Police Chief $172,796 $0
Bruce Moline Fire Battalion Chief $171,754 $44,644
Bobby Williams Fire Chief $168,708 $0
Jim Nicks Assistant Police Chief $162,372 $0
David Haworth Fire Battalion Chief $160,651 $40,978


Employees of the City of Spokane take part in the Spokane Employees' Retirement System.[17]


The 2012 budget totals $622.5 million. Mayor Condon has told city departments that they should not expect more money compared to the 2012 budget.[18] The Spokane Parks department will see its funding decrease from $18.3 million to $17.6 million. The cuts will lead to decreased pool hours, decreased funding for senior and youth centers, and the loss of jobs for four city employees.[19]


According to, Spokane spent $10,000 on lobbying in 2012.[20]

Year Amount Spent on Lobbying
2012 $10,000
2011 $40,000
2010 $40,000
2009 $40,000


Taxes imposed by the city include property, admissions, gambling, and utility taxes.[21]

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