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State & Local Government Committee, Tennessee State Senate

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Tennessee State Senate
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The State & Local Government Committee is a standing committee of the Tennessee State Senate.

Per Section 73 of the Senate Rules, all standing, special, and select committees of the Tennessee State Senate are appointed by the Speaker of the Senate.[1] In each standing committee, the Speaker of the Senate appoints one Chairman, one 1st Vice-Chairman, and one 2nd Vice-Chairman. The Speaker may also appoint a Chairman Emeritus at his or her discretion.[2] The Speaker considers the abilities, preferences, seniority of members, and the political party representation in the House when appointing committees and committee officers.[1] The appointed chairmen of each standing committees are responsible for attendance roll call, and absences are to be reported to the Speaker of the Senate.[3]

DocumentIcon.jpg See rules: Temporary Rules of Order


Responsible for forms of local government; utility districts; assistance to local and municipal governments; matters dealing with revenue and taxation levied by local governments; matters dealing with employees of local governments; matters dealing with expenditure by local governments; matters dealing with local ordinances; state and local government boundary lines; veterans affairs; penal and correctional institutions; public lands; preservation of historical landmarks and objects; holidays and celebrations; regulation of sale of intoxicating liquors; Adjutant General and National Guard; election laws; and state government in general.[4][5]


2015 legislative session

The following table describes committee membership at the beginning of the 2015 legislative session.

State & Local Government Members, 2015
Democratic members (1)Republican members (8)
Thelma HarperKen Yager, Chair
Steven Dickerson, 1st Vice-Chair
Richard Briggs, 2nd Vice-Chair
Mark Green
Ed Jackson
Jack Johnson
Bill Ketron
Mark Norris


The following table describes committee membership at the beginning of the 2013 legislative session.


The following table describes committee membership for the 2011 legislative session.


The following table describes committee membership for the 2009 legislative session.

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