State Rep. Kriseman introduces bill to allow recall in Florida

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February 21, 2011

Rick Kriseman, sponsor of a bill to allow recall in Florida

By Leslie Graves

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida: Rick Kriseman, a Democratic member of the Florida House of Representatives from St. Petersburg, filed a bill on February 17, 2011 that will allow voters in the state to recall members of the Florida State Legislature as well as Florida's statewide elected executive officers, including the Governor of Florida and the Attorney General of Florida.[1]

18 other states already allow voters to remove statewide executive officers through the recall process. Kriseman said he thinks Florida should be added to the list: "[Not having recall in Florida] struck me as wrong. I thought the people deserve the power to do that, because you cannot count, unfortunately, on the legislature to self-govern itself all the time...If we're doing our jobs, we have nothing to worry about. So I would hope members of the legislature wouldn't be afraid of giving the people a voice. That's what democracy is all about."[1]

Under Kriseman's proposal, it would take signatures equalling 15% of those cast in the most recent election in a state legislative district to force a recall vote on a state legislator, while it would take signatures equalling 20% of those cast for statewide officeholders to force a recall vote for an incumbent Governor of Florida.[1]

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