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State executive official elections, 2015

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Offices up for election

The offices up for election include:

Gubernatorial elections

See: Gubernatorial elections, 2015
  • Louisiana gubernatorial election, 2015
  • Kentucky gubernatorial elections, 2015
  • Mississippi gubernatorial elections, 2015

Besides governors, the other offices up for election include:

Lt. Governor campaigns

See:Lieutenant Governor elections, 2015

Three states, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi, will hold lieutenant gubernatorial elections in the 2015 electoral cycle.

Of the three states holding 2015 elections, each will have a slightly different procedure.

  • Kentucky elects the governor and lieutenant governor on a shared ticket in both the primary and general, meaning the two elections are one and the same.
  • Louisiana holds separate primary elections but puts the winners of each primary election on a shared ticket in the general election.
  • Lastly, Mississippi runs two entirely separate elections through both the primary and the general.

Secretary of State

See: Secretary of State elections, 2015

Mississippi Louisiana Kentucky

Attorney General

See: Attorney General elections, 2015

Other offices

Other offices that are up for election in 2015 include State Treasurer, Auditor, Public Services Commissioner, Commissioner of Insurance, and Commissioner of Agriculture. For a breakdown by office, click here.

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