State senators sorted by year first elected to senate, 1960's

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In the 50 American states, there are a total of 1,971 state senators.

This list sorts them according to the year they were first elected or appointed to their current office.

  • If a current state senator on this list previously held a different elective office, this list does not sort that person based on his or her year of election to the office held earlier. Rather, it sorts the senator only by the year of election/appointment to a currently-held position of state senator.
  • In some states, senators are sworn-in to office the year that they were elected. In other states, they assume office (are sworn in) the following year, typically in January. Senators are sorted below based on the year they were appointed or elected, not on the year they were sworn in.
  • Note: Some years may be blank. There are no current state legislators who first assumed office in those years.
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  1. Fred Risser (D) from Wisconsin State Senate District 26.


  1. Dave Nething (R) from North Dakota State Senate District 12.


  1. Diane Bilyeu (D) from Idaho State Senate District 29.
  2. William Doyle (Vermont) (R) from Vermont Senate Washington District.