Stayton Urban Renewal District Referendum (May 2010)

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There was a Stayton Urban Renewal District Referendum on the May 18 ballot in Marion County for voters in the city of Stayton.

This measure was defeated

  • YES 837 (48.13%)
  • NO 902 (51.87%)Defeatedd[1]

City council voted for a urban renewal district, but city residents decided they wanted to petition and get the issue on a referendum vote. Residents turned in 382 signatures with at least 282 needing to be from valid city voters. Once they were validated by the county election department, the ballot was drafted. The voters were hopeful for the May 18 election date. Creation of the district would not have raised area taxes, it would just enable the redistribution of those taxes already being collected.[2]

Most residents who were asked agreed that urban renew of the downtown area was needed, but they were split on if this measure was the right way to go about it. Although a clear plan on what the urban renewal plan would be is not formulated, proponents of the renewal hoped that voters would vote on the fact they want renewal and not on a specific plan idea.[3]