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Steven Dobbs
Candidate for
Oklahoma State Senate, District 47

Political party Republican
Profession Attorney
Steven Dobbs was a candidate in the 2011 special election for District 47 of the Oklahoma State Senate. The election was originally scheduled for February 8, 2011, but the Republican primary on January 11, 2011, decided the election since no Democrats filed to run.[1] Dobbs was running to the fill the seat vacated by Todd Lamb (R) who was elected Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma in the November 2, 2010, general election.


Dobbs was raised in an orphanage. After graduating high school, he left the orphanage and went on to serve voluntarily in Vietnam, earning two Purple Hearts during his service. Upon returning, he earned a B.A. in Sociology and an M.A. in Public Administration. Dobbs went on to earn his J.D. from the University of Oklahoma College of Law and has practiced law in Oklahoma for the last 30 years. He served for 6 years on the Oklahoma Dental Board and for 4 years on the Oklahoma City Board of Adjustment. Dobbs is married to his wife, Lisa. They have two children.[2]


Campaign themes


Dobbs' 2011 special election campaign site listed several key policy positions and campaign themes. The following is a selection of those points:

Dobbs Supports:

  • "Subjecting the State Legislature to the Open Meetings Act-no more secrets. The only exception is when they are helping an individual voter."
  • "Instituting a two year budget cycle. One year we do the budget, the next year we can look at legislation. That should do away with so many last second bills that turn out to be so bad-and contain way too many deals and steals. I will NOT vote for any bill I do not have at least 48 hours to read."
  • "Lowering and eventually do away with the State Income Tax."
  • "Abolishing the Estate Tax, FOREVER. It is, at the least, double taxation."
  • "Revising tax laws, workers compensation laws and reporting laws to help small business. If we are not giving them some breaks offering tax incentives to expand and to be free from over regulation, why would anyone want to invest the money? Anyone in business knows that worker compensation rates have to be controlled."
  • "Revising the immigration law Oklahoma has already passed to make it constitutional and able to withstand Federal Court rulings. If we wait 10 years for the Federal Government to act, it might be too late."
  • "Spending cuts NOW. To do that tough decisions have to be made and the legislators are going to have to stand up and vote on the tough issues. No more voting or avoiding voting just to get re-elected."

Dobbs Opposes:

  • "Any attempts to insert foreign law into the Oklahoma court system. If you move to Oklahoma, you are going to be bound by Oklahoma law."
  • "The federally mandated healthcare law. We know something has to be done about the delivery of healthcare to make it affordable for all Oklahoma citizens. We should be able to take care of that ourselves."
  • "Any increase in taxes for 2011."
  • "Any increase in State Spending. If we have less tax dollars, we must spend less. That means whomever you elect; they are going to have to be strong enough to say NO."
  • "Any former legislator getting a job with the State for at least 5 years after they have left their office."



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Dobbs and 3 other candidates were defeated by Greg Treat in the January 11, 2011, special election to Oklahoma State Senate District 47.[3]

Democratic Party Democratic Candidate:

  • No Democratic candidates have filed.

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