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Steven Maviglio, a political consultant in California, is the president of Forza Communications.[1] According to the magazine Campaigns & Elections, he is one of the top five0 Democratic "influencers" in California.[2]

Maviglio is originally from New Hampshire, and served three terms in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.[3]



Maviglio came to California to serve as press secretary for Gray Davis. He has also worked as press secretary for Fabian Nunez and Karen Bass. He was the campaign manager for the Sacramento mayoral campaign of Kevin Johnson.

Capitol Weekly described Maviglio as the third most powerful staffer in the Sacramento.

Ballot measures

  • In 2005, he was a leading strategist in the successful effort to defeat then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's package of reform ballot initiatives on the 2005 ballot.

In December 2011 he commented on the number of proposals that had been filed for the California 2012 ballot: "It all boils down to money. There's a $3 million gap, sometimes thankfully, between an idea for the ballot and the reality of getting before the voters. Unfortunately, filing a ballot initiative has become a publicity stunt...This also has become a business operation for many political consultants. Dream up an idea, file a measure, and then see if you can find a Sugar Daddy to fund it. Many of the measures will end up falling by the wayside if they can't attract the millions required to be on the ballot and then approved by voters."[5]

Harvey Rosenfield

In 2012, Maviglio and Harvey Rosenfield, a Democratic political activist, crossed swords. Maviglio launched a "watchdog" website that takes on Rosenfield's Consumer Watchdog. Maviglio says ""Simply put, Consumer Watchdog is an affront to legitimate consumer organizations. It's a group that is all about its own self-interest ..."[1]

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