Sunset Beach Daytime Alcohol Ban (March 2010)

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The Sunset Beach Daytime Alcohol Ban was a petition that had been started in Pinellas County.

The petition seeks to ban alcohol consumption on Sunset Beach from the hours of 6 am to 6 pm. Locals who started the petition see alcohol drinking as the main cause of bad behavior on the beach and seek to curb that. During holidays, police are in force in the area to keep in check drinkers, but residents do not think that is a good long term solution. The ban would only be in place on the public beach area and public parks, restaurants or residential houses along the beach are not within the ban limits. Petition promoters need 1,400 signatures to get the petition approved by the city council and move it into the next stage. They are hoping to get it on the March 2010 ballot in the county.[1]