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Superior Court of Sacramento County, California

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The Superior Court of Sacramento County is one of 58 superior courts in California.


Judicial selection

The method of judicial selection for the California Superior Courts is officially nonpartisan election of judges, though many judges join the court via gubernatorial appointment. Once judges are appointed, they compete in the next general election following appointment.

If an incumbent superior court judge files for re-election and draws no opponent, that race does not appear on the ballot. If the race is contested, the candidate who wins more than 50% of the vote is elected. If no candidate receives more than 50%, the top two compete in a runoff in the general election in November.[1]

Court locations

  • The Gordon D. Schaber Sacramento County Courthouse, 720 9th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
  • William R. Ridgeway Family Relations Courthouse, 3341 Power Inn Road, Sacramento, CA 95826
  • Carol Miller Justice Center, 301 Bicentennial Circle, Sacramento, CA 95826
  • Juvenile Courthouse, 9605 Kiefer Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95827
  • Lorenzo Patiño Hall of Justice (Sacramento County Main Jail), 651 I Street, Sacramento, CA 95814[2]

2009 petition

A strong majority of the court's judges signed petitions in July 2009 that opposed a pending budget deal which would have resulted in the court closing one day a month. The judges believed that trial court closures should not take place unless the California Administrative Office of the Courts cut its spending or released money from a database management project on which it had spent a little over $1 billion.[3]

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Unopposed  Judge Alyson Lewis (Not on ballot)
Unopposed  Judge Bunmi Awoniyi (Not on ballot)
Unopposed  Judge Cheryl Chun Meegan (Not on ballot)
Unopposed  Judge David F. De Alba (Not on ballot)
Unopposed  Judge Helena R. Gweon (Not on ballot)
Unopposed  Judge James E. McFetridge (Not on ballot)
Unopposed  Judge James M. Mize (Not on ballot)
Unopposed  Judge Judy Holzer Hersher (Not on ballot)
Unopposed  Judge Kevin R. Culhane (Not on ballot)
Unopposed  Judge Laurel D. White (Not on ballot)
Unopposed  Judge Marjorie Koller (Not on ballot)
Unopposed  Judge Michael A. Savage (Not on ballot)
Unopposed  Judge Michael G. Bowman (Not on ballot)
Unopposed  Judge Michael W. Sweet (Not on ballot)
Unopposed  Judge Raoul M. Thorbourne (Not on ballot)
Unopposed  Judge Steven Gevercer (Not on ballot)
Unopposed  Judge Steven Lapham (Not on ballot)


Race on ballot

CandidateIncumbencyOfficePrimary VoteElection Vote
StarKeven Star    NoOffice 329.56% 
BogertTami R. Bogert   ApprovedAYesOffice 370.04%ApprovedA   ApprovedA

Races not on ballot

CandidateIncumbencyOfficePrimary VoteElection Vote
PerkinsAlan G. Perkins   ApprovedAYesOffice 14   ApprovedA
SumnerAllen H. Sumner   ApprovedAYesOffice 17   ApprovedA
KruegerChristopher E. Krueger   ApprovedAYesOffice 12   ApprovedA
FioriniCurtis M. Fiorini   ApprovedAYesOffice 9   ApprovedA
CurrierDonald J. Currier   ApprovedAYesOffice 7   ApprovedA
BalononEugene L. Balonon   ApprovedAYesOffice 2   ApprovedA
ArguellesJames P. Arguelles   ApprovedAYesOffice 1   ApprovedA
EarlLaurie M. Earl   ApprovedAYesOffice 8   ApprovedA
BrownLawrence G. Brown   ApprovedAYesOffice 4   ApprovedA
GilliardMaryanne G. Gilliard   ApprovedAYesOffice 10   ApprovedA
VirgaMichael G. Virga   ApprovedAYesOffice 18   ApprovedA
MarlettePatrick Marlette   ApprovedAYesOffice 13   ApprovedA
SeavePaul L. Seave   ApprovedAYesOffice 15   ApprovedA
SueyoshiRichard K. Sueyoshi   ApprovedAYesOffice 16   ApprovedA
HightRobert C. Hight   ApprovedAYesOffice 11   ApprovedA
CandeeRoland L. Candee   ApprovedAYesOffice 6   ApprovedA
WhiteSteve White (California)   ApprovedAYesOffice 19   ApprovedA
Burger-PlavanTrena H. Burger-Plavan   ApprovedAYesOffice 5   ApprovedA