Support Legal Arizona Workers Initiative (2008)

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The Support Legal Arizona Workers was a proposed initiated state statute that would have prohibited employers from knowingly employing unauthorized aliens. Its supporters announced that they had not collected enough signatures to qualify it for the November 2008 ballot in Arizona.

Had it succeeded, it would have required the attorney general and county attorney to investigate complaints about employers who employed unauthorized aliens. It makes it unlawful for a person to file a false and frivolous complaint against an employer. If an employer knowingly employed an unauthorized alien, the act required that the employer's business license be permanently revoked. It required employers to verify their employees through a free federal basic pilot program. The act would have made it a crime to take the identity of another to obtain employment.


This initiative would have changed current law by stopping anonymous tips for employers with illegal immigrants working for them, whereas in the current law requires no identity in order to report businesses.


Legal Arizona Workers was the sponsor of the initiative, with Don Goldwater serving as the Chairman.


Barry Goldwater Jr. wrote an editorial that called the initiative racist and extreme.[1]

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