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Sutherland Institute (SI) is "a conservative public policy think tank committed to shaping Utah law and policy based on a core set of governing principles. We strive to make Utah an example of good government for the rest of the nation and a great place to live, work, and raise a family."[1] It was founded by Gaylord Swim in 1994.

Governing principles

SI uses seven governing principles as a guide for shaping Utah law and policy:[2]

  • Personal responsibility as the basis of self-government
  • Family as the fundamental unit of society
  • Religion as the moral compass of human progress
  • Private property as the cornerstone of economic freedom
  • Free markets as the engine of economic prosperity
  • Charity as the wellspring of a caring community
  • Limited government as the essence of good government

Policy centers

SI has four main policy centers:: The Center for Family and Society, The Center for Educational Progress, The Center for Limited Government, and The Center for Community and Economy.


"Schools at a Glance"

Utah Schools at a Glance is a project of SI that "provides information on public, private and home schooling in the state. It also spotlights innovations in education."

SI's stated educational philosophy is, "We believe that parents are responsible for their children’s education and that the state role in education is primarily as a support to parents. We also believe that educational freedom is a necessary ingredient in providing the best education possible for each individual student."[3]

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