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Swearing-in dates of state executives elected on November 6, 2012

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This page displays the swear-in dates for state executives who won election on November 6, 2012.

State Executive offices elected in 2012 Term begins
Alabama President of the Alabama Public Service Commission November 7, 2012[1]
Arizona 3 seats on the Arizona Corporation Commission January 13, 2013
Delaware Governor of Delaware, Delaware Lieutenant Governor, Delaware Insurance Commissioner January 15, 2013

Georgia 2 seats on the Georgia Public Service Commission December 31, 2012
Indiana Governor of Indiana and Lieutenant Governor of Indiana, Attorney General of Indiana, Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction January 14, 2013
Louisiana Louisiana Public Service Commission January 14, 2013
Missouri Governor of Missouri, Lieutenant Governor of Missouri, Attorney General of Missouri, Missouri Secretary of State, Missouri Treasurer January 14, 2013
Montana Governor of Montana, Lieutenant Governor of Montana, Montana Secretary of State, Attorney General of Montana, Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction, Montana Auditor, Montana Commissioner of Insurance, 3 seats on the Montana Public Service Commission January 7, 2013
Nebraska Nebraska Public Service Commission January 10, 2013
New Hampshire Governor of New Hampshire January 3, 2013
New Mexico 2 seats on the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission and 5 seats on the

New Mexico Public Education Commission

January 1, 2013
North Carolina Governor of North Carolina, Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina, North Carolina Secretary of State, Attorney General of North Carolina, North Carolina Treasurer, North Carolina Auditor, North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction, North Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture, North Carolina Commissioner of Labor, North Carolina Commissioner of Insurance January 5, 2013
North Dakota Governor of North Dakota, Lieutenant Governor of North Dakota, North Dakota Treasurer, North Dakota Auditor, North Dakota Commissioner of Insurance, North Dakota Public Service Commission January 15, 2013
Oklahoma 2 seats on the Oklahoma Corporation Commission January 14, 2013
Oregon Attorney General of Oregon, Oregon Secretary of State, Oregon Treasurer, Oregon Commissioner of Labor January 7, 2013
Pennsylvania Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Treasurer, Pennsylvania Auditor January 15, 2013
South Dakota 2 seats on the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission January 7, 2013[2]
Texas 2 seats on the Texas Railroad Commission November 7, 2012
Utah Governor of Utah, Lieutenant Governor of Utah, Attorney General of Utah, Utah Treasurer, Utah Auditor January 7, 2013
Vermont Governor of Vermont, Lieutenant Governor of Vermont, Attorney General of Vermont, Vermont Secretary of State, Vermont Treasurer, Vermont Auditor January 10, 2013
Washington Governor of Washington, Lieutenant Governor of Washington, Washington Secretary of State, Attorney General of Washington, Washington Treasurer, Washington Auditor, Washington Superintendent of Public Instruction, Washington Commissioner of Insurance, Washington Commissioner of Public Lands January 16, 2013
West Virginia Governor of West Virginia, Lieutenant Governor of West Virginia, Attorney General of West Virginia, Virginia Secretary of State, West Virginia Treasurer, West Virginia Auditor, West Virginia Commissioner of Agriculture January 14, 2013

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