Swiss direct democracy briefing tour ready to kick off in Zurich

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June 8, 2010

Johanna Herman, who is covering the 2010 Briefing Tour for Ballotpedia

By Leslie Graves

What can Americans learn from studying how direct democracy is practiced in Switzerland? IRI Europe is helping American journalists, direct democracy activists and election administrators understand how the Swiss make laws through direct democracy by sponsoring a Briefing Tour to Switzerland for American opinion leaders.

The tour kicks off Thursday, June 10 in Zurich.

Participants on the tour include Bruno Kaufmann, President, IRI Europe; John Fund, Wall Street Journal; Nicole Winger, Deputy Secretary of State, California; Paul Jacob, President, Citizens in Charge Foundation; Steven Hill, Director for Political Reform, New America Foundation; Ross Day, Executive Director, Common Sense Oregon; Bryan Merica, President, ID Media; Jon Coupal, President, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association; John J. Woodcock, Professor in Constitutional Law, Connecticut; Richard Giordiano, Chairman, Connecticut Constitutional Convention; Michael Salerno, law professor, UC-Hasting School of the Law; and Amanda Roman, Executive Director, Citizens in Charge Foundation.

The tour also includes Ballotpedia's Johanna Herman, who will be providing daily updates on Ballotpedia from the tour right here. Chase Lindsay is the trip's videographer.

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