Tacoma term limits, Proposition 1, 2008

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Proposition 1 or the City of Tacoma term limits measure, appeared on the city-wide ballot in Tacoma, Washington on November 4, 2008.

This measure was defeated

  • YES 33,682 (47.83%)
  • NO 36,736 (52.17%)Defeatedd[1]

If Proposition 1 had passed, it would have ended term limits for members of the Tacoma City Council.

The term limits that will be ended were established in 1973, when the city's voters approved them in a citywide vote.

The 1973 term limits bill creates a limit of two four-year terms, or a total of eight years in office. However, when someone is appointed to fill the remainder of someone else’s term and then runs for the office twice, a member can serve for up to 10 years.[2]