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The blog NWRepublican had this to say about the computer user at IP address in May 2007:

But we seem to have an anonymous poster who feels that his free speech rights apply to everyone else's home. This fellow also just can't help himself but to speak ill (I mean in a vile fashion) of the deceased even amid a very tame and respectful discussion. This fellow also seems to relish name calling in a gratuitous fashion. Lord knows I have allowed some spirited conversation here on this blog and will continue to do so. However when someone's behavior goes beyond being acceptable in even the most liberal of social norms and is in just bad taste AND if that same individual refuses to play by the rules when asked then we need to take additional steps.

The thread on NWRepublican at which the user with the IP address is believed to have left the comments in question was a memorial thread to Mac Sumner.

The same IP address,, shows up in a Technorati search in this context:

When Liberals Go Wild
Michael van der Galien ( / ) (IP: )Ah, attacking me nowadays no? Nice. 2007-9-22 @ 5:09:11 am [ Edit - Delete - Unapprove ] Hart Williams ( / ) (IP: )Michael:”Attacking” isn’t the term I’d choose for noting your astonishingly arrogant commentary on this case, and several others in the past couple of weeks.
It appears that blogger Michael van der Galien was later prevailed on to remove the IP address from his blog post on the exchange of emails but Technorati captured the original post.
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