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In the category of things that I think might be possible, but don't know how to do, my question is whether ballotpedia needs it's own page for each special interest group. This page will never stay current with wikipedia:Americans_for_Prosperity, so is there a way to incorporate the wikipedia content, freeing up ballotpedia editors to focus more closely on initiatives supported or opposed by AFP? azdavidpedia 23:18, 24 January 2009 (CST)

I saw this note. I recommend adding a link like the one I just added. I do this when I work on local ballot measures in California, for example: Malibu Utility Users Tax, Measure D, April 2008. That article would be a flyspeck on the Wikipedia article about Malibu but the link allows people to easily see that there is a Wikipedia article about Malibu and I assume they will realize that is where they can find the overall picture about Malibu. As far as the Americans for Prosperity article here, it could be improved by finding the articles about ballot measures that this group has had something to do with. If you look at the pages on Ballotpedia that link to that page you get this: . This allows you to see content to add to the page that is very focused on the niche topic of ballot measures, which as far as I know is only a tiny percent of what this group does--as in the flyspeck analogy re Malibu. My idea about this is that when ballotpedia has an article about a group, the article should focus narrowly on what the group has to do with ballot measures. Polycal 09:11, 25 January 2009 (CST)

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