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According to the constitution of Colorado, Article XXI, sections one through three, were amended by the same amendment, in 1912. Article XXI of the Colorado constitution can be found here (dead link).

Ballotpedia uses references suggesting these sections were amended by Colorado measure 9, in 1912. The Ballotpedia article with this information is titled Colorado Measure 9 (1912) and can be found in this list. The source information comes from this list of Colorado initiatives.

Another source, a database for initiatives and referendums, suggests that these articles were amended by Colorado Measure 15, not 9. This source can be found here. This source differs from both Ballotpedia and Ballotpedia's source by suggesting that Colorado Measure 15 amends the aforementioned sections, that Colorado Measure 15 is titled "Recall", and that Colorado Measure 9 is titled "Women's Eight-Hour Employment Law".

According to Ballotpedia and it's source, Colorado Measure 9 is also titled "Recall" and is the measure responsible for amending sections 1-3. These sources suggest that Measure 15 it titled "Education"

The first two sources (Ballotpedia and its reference) only list 22 Colorado initiatives for the year 1912, while the database lists 32, seemingly making more complete and accurate.

The main concern here is that, besides having a possible inaccurate list of ballot measures for Colorado in 1912, creating links to 1912 Colorado ballot measures becomes troublesome.

Mkeeney 16:33, 14 July 2009 (CDT)

Here's another source

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