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The California Nurses Association is opposing Proposition 13. Scroll to the bottom of: I'm not sure why, and so far I haven't found any other groups opposing it. Regardless, the opposition section should be re-written. The currently version sounds clever, but is too "editorial" and should probably have a more neutral point of view. Perhaps something like: "No arguments against Proposition 13 were submitted to the state's official voter guide. The California Nurses Association has endorsed voting No on 13." With a footnote to the above URL.

According to Credo Action at, Prop 13 is also supported by The Courage Campaign, Calitics (a large Progressive Blog), and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME). The last one might be worth mentioning alongside the CA Democratic Party. The California Green and Peace & Freedom parties are taking no position (found on their websites, but don't see a need to find the URLs again), but I don't think I could find any guidance from the Republicans or Libertarians. ~~Bill L.

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