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Talk:California Proposition 1C, Borrowing Against Future Lottery Proceeds (May 2009)

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Using "feel good" political designations

The titles given to proposed laws by sponsors and proponents frequently verge on being Orwellian ("Patriot Act") or at least absurd ("No Child Left Behind Act"). One thing they are not is neutral point of view, and that's no accident.

In general, such titles should be included in an encyclopedia article, if for no other reason than it may the search term used by citizens seeking information on a proposal. Also, for general encyclopedia best practices of including more rather than less information (to the extent this does not make an article less useful by being too cluttered). But this does not mean they need to be in the first part of the descriptive portion of the article.

All that is why I moved the political title to the supporters section. Votes 22:16, 4 April 2009 (CDT)

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