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Graphically, this page is kind of a mess. Any ideas?Calgal 10:45, 3 June 2008 (EDT)

Libusters took note of this on Friday, May 2. As a team, libusters vowed to expose the waste democrats do in california.

Team libusters provides help to avert the recall of Jeff Denham

Thanks to the readers who helped to stop the recall effort and made a statement to curb additional tax and demand cost cuts including salaries of Lawmakers.

Aurelio Rojas - said "Ostensibly, the Democratic leader's effort to unseat a Republican who was easily re-elected in 2006 stems from last year's 53-day state budget stalemate. Denham joined his GOP colleagues in voting against the spending plan.

But beyond the bad blood over the budget, a successful recall would move Democrats, who hold a commanding 25-15 lead in the Senate, to within one vote of being able to pass a budget and raise taxes without a Republican vote."

"Besides pure vindictiveness, what's obvious is (Perata) is making an attempt to see if he can get a veto-proof state Senate," said Allan Hoffenblum, editor of the California Target Book, which tracks legislative races.

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