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The Taxation Committee is a standing committee of the Nevada State Assembly. Per Assembly Rule 40, the committee is made up of 12 members.[1]

Per Assembly Rule 41, standing committees of the Nevada State Assembly are appointed biennially by the Assembly Speaker.[2] The Speaker makes the appointments following the organization of the Assembly and the adoption of standing rules, which informs the Senate and Governor of Nevada that the chamber is ready to conduct business. Generally, minority membership is meant to be proportionate to that in the Assembly at-large, and is determined by minority caucuses and agreed to by the Speaker.[3] The Speaker may appoint alternate members for an appropriate length in the event of incapacitation.[4]

DocumentIcon.jpg See rules: Assembly Standing Rules


The Assembly Committee on Taxation has jurisdiction over measures affecting state and local revenue and monetary policy.[5][6]



The following table describes committee membership at the beginning of the 2013 legislative session.

Taxation Members, 2013
Democratic members (7)Republican members (5)
Irene Bustamante Adams, ChairTom Grady
Peggy Pierce, Vice ChairCresent Hardy
Teresa Benitez-ThompsonPat Hickey
Jason FriersonRandy Kirner
William HorneLynn Stewart
Marilyn Kirkpatrick
Dina Neal


Taxation Members, 2011
Democratic members (8)Republican members (5)
Marilyn Kirkpatrick, ChairJohn Ellison
Harvey Munford, Vice ChairEdwin Goedhart
Elliot AndersonPete Livermore
Teresa Benitez-ThompsonLynn Stewart
Irene BustamanteMelissa Woodbury
Lucy Flores
Dina Neal
Peggy Pierce


Taxation Members, 2009
Democratic members (9)Republican members (4)
Kathy McClain, ChairEd Goedhart
Marilyn Kirkpatrick, Vice ChairTom Grady
Paul AizleyDon Gustavson
Bernie AndersonRichard McArthur
Morse Arberry
Ellen Koivisto
Sheila Leslie
Harry Mortenson
Peggy Pierce

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