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The goal of the government sector lobbying project was to synthesize information about all facets of government sector lobbying and present it in an accessible way.

The project was launched by Sunshine Review.

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Taxpayer-funded lobbying project

To begin work on this project, please add the Template:User SR TFLA badge to your user page by typing {{User SR TFLA}}.

Stages of the project

Taxpayer-funded lobbying association articles

Taxpayer-funded lobbying associations (TFLA) are organizations comprised of government entities, including school boards, cities, and county associations. The basic structure of an article on a government sector lobbying association can be divided into three stages.

  • Stage 1: Getting the basics done. Create the frame for a TFLA article by adding an introductory paragraph and organizational elements.
  • Stage 2: Context for the page. Add tax information and legislative priorities to a TFLA page to make the size and scope of the organization more apparent.
  • Stage 3: Further develop the article. Add lobbying or membership information.

Government entities lobbying sections

Lobbying by a government entity is considered government sector lobbying.

  • Government entities: Steps for adding lobbying information to a city, county, school district, or other article on a government entity.