Telluride Land Use Ordinance Repeal, Question 2C (2009)

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The Telluride Land Use Ordinance Repeal, Question 2C was on the November 3, 2009 ballot in San Miguel County for City of Telluride voters.

Election results

The measure was approved.[1]

Question 2C
Result Votes Percentage
Approveda Yes 443 51.69%
No 414 48.31%
Total votes 857 100.00%
Voter turnout NA%

Ballot summary

The ballot language read as follows:[2]

An Ordinance of the Town of Telluride, Colorado Amending the Telluride Municipal Code at Chapter 18, "Telluride Land Use Code" ("LUC") at: (1)Article 6, Division 3 "Planned Unit Development" regulations including but not limited to revisions to: (A)PUD purposes, (B)adding and clarifying PUD general requirements; (C)PUD development review process, (D)the list of variances that Will be allowed per the PUD process, (E)application contents, (F)PUD review standards, and (G)PUD amendment process; (2)Section 3-213.C.10, "Maximum Floor Area" in the Historic Commercial Zone District to allow for a maximum floor area ration of 2:1; (3)Section 3-210.C.11, "Maximum Floor Area" to now require a PUD to approve a building greater than 30,000 square feet in the AC II Zone District; and (4)miscellaneous amendments to the LUC to accomplish the foregoing.