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June 6

Type Title Subject Description Result
LBM Proposition 1 Bonds $350 million in bonds for state-run schools Defeatedd
LBM Proposition 2 Bonds $375 million in bonds for water pollution control and water conservation Approveda
LRCA Proposition 3 Taxes Tax exemptions for alternative energy projects Defeatedd
LRCA Proposition 4 Elections Any charter provision changing how local officials are elected must be voted on by the public Approveda
LRCA Proposition 5 Admin of gov't Administrative agencies prohibited from declaring statutes unconstitutional and refusing to enforce Approveda
LRCA Proposition 6 Elections State legislature and counties must allow for elected sheriffs Approveda
LRCA Proposition 7 Insurance Local government agencies allowed to seek pooled insurance Approveda
LRCA Proposition 8 Taxes Rules for setting property tax rates on owner-occupied dwellings Defeatedd
LRCA Proposition 9 Judiciary Interest rates charged on unpaid state court judgments Approveda
LRCA Proposition 10 Taxes Tax rates on rehabilitated residential dwellings Defeatedd
LRCA Proposition 11 Taxes Taxation of county-owned real estate Defeatedd
LRCA Proposition 12 Admin of gov't Creation of a salary commission to set salaries for state executive officials, legislators and judges Defeatedd
CICA Proposition 13 Taxes The famous Howard Jarvis-led cap on property tax rates Approveda

November 7

Type Title Subject Description Result
LBM Proposition 1 Veterans $500 million in bonds for veterans Approveda
LRCA Proposition 2 Admin of gov't Public Utilities Commission not allowed to appoint commissioners to conduct hearings and investigations Defeatedd
LRCA Proposition 3 Land State legislature authorized to sell public lands in the coastal zone Approveda
LRSS Proposition 4 Health Accreditation of chiropractic schools and colleges Approveda
CISS Proposition 5 Smoking Smoking prohibited in enclosed public spaces Defeatedd
CISS Proposition 6 LGBT Prohibit gays and supporters of gay rights from teaching in public schools Defeatedd
CISS Proposition 7 Judiciary Expand types of murder for which death penalty can be imposed Approveda
LRCA Proposition 8 Taxes Rules for tax assessments of property rebuilt after a disaster Approveda
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