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  1. This number was found by dividing each member's total net worth growth percentage by the number of years included in the calculation. For example, for Chellie Pingree, her total net worth increase was divided by four, since it was calculated for four years (2008-2012). If the incumbent had been in office earlier than 2004, it would still only be divided by eight (2004-2012), since those are the only years for which we have data.
  2. Pingree's dramatic increase in net worth after her 2008 election was due to her 2010 marriage to billionaire Donald Sussman.
  3. Gov. Pence left Congress in 2012 to become the governor of Indiana.
  4. Rep. Young passed away on October 18, 2013.
  5. Percentage increase is not meaningful for this candidate as the initial average net worth is less than or equal to zero.