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Jeff Sessions Republican majority Richard Shelby Republican majority 
[[Template talk:!|]]  [[File:!!USA ballot box.jpg|]]  [[File talk:!!USA ballot box.jpg|]]  [[File talk:!!USA ballot box transparent.png|]]  [[File:!!USA ballot box transparent.png|]]  [["5 Best" and "5 Worst" lists of 2010 ballot measures|]]  [[Talk:"5 Best" and "5 Worst" lists of 2010 ballot measures|]]  [["A Woman’s Right to Know Act" now law in North Carolina|]]  [[Talk:"A Woman’s Right to Know Act" now law in North Carolina|]]  [[Talk:"Benjamin" Dan Franklin|]]  Dan Franklin Republican majority [["Blue Ribbon Commission" looks at the Kentucky tax code|]]  [[Talk:"Blue Ribbon Commission" looks at the Kentucky tax code|]]  [[Talk:"Bo" Bogdan Ambrozewicz|]]  "Bo" Bogdan Ambrozewicz  [["Buddy" Mincey, Jr.|]]  [[Talk:"Buddy" Mincey, Jr.|]]  [[Category talk:"Campaign finance" templates|]]  [[Talk:"Coach Don" Gagnard|]]  [["Coach Don" Gagnard|]]  [["Costco Initiative" first to file signatures in Washington|]]  [[Talk:"Costco Initiative" first to file signatures in Washington|]]  [[Talk:"Earnings tax" measures approved for Missouri circulation|]]  [["Earnings tax" measures approved for Missouri circulation|]]  [[Category talk:"Election" templates|]]  [["Fight Crime, Invest In Kids"|]]  [[Talk:"Fight Crime, Invest In Kids"|]]  [[Talk:"Fighting Sioux" nickname supporters file signatures for referendum|]]  [["Fighting Sioux" nickname supporters file signatures for referendum|]]  [["Fighting Sioux" referendum to appear on ballot in North Dakota|]]  [[Talk:"Fighting Sioux" referendum to appear on ballot in North Dakota|]]  [[Ballotpedia talk:"Game-changers" in the 2012 state legislative elections|]]  [[Ballotpedia:"Game-changers" in the 2012 state legislative elections|]]  [[Category talk:"Intro" templates|]]  [[Talk:"Michigan is Yours" Amendment (2012)|]]  [["Michigan is Yours" Amendment (2012)|]]  [[Category talk:"Missing" templates|]]  [[Talk:"My Government Website" progress reports|]]  [["My Government Website" progress reports|]]  [["None of these candidates" wins its first election in 38 years: Nevada state executive primary review|]]  [[Talk:"None of these candidates" wins its first election in 38 years: Nevada state executive primary review|]]  [[Category talk:"Not on ballot" article needing updates|]]  [[Talk:"Not on ballot" icon|]]  [["Not on ballot" icon|]]  [[Talk:"Nuclear option" invoked by U.S. Senate|]]  [["Nuclear option" invoked by U.S. Senate|]]  [["Open Government" initiative blocked by judge, case headed to AZ Supreme Court|]]  [[Talk:"Open Government" initiative blocked by judge, case headed to AZ Supreme Court|]]  [[Talk:"Personhood" effort moves forward in Colorado|]]  [["Personhood" effort moves forward in Colorado|]]  [[Category talk:"Quality" templates|]]  [[Talk:"Reasonable certainty" standard proposed for Maryland signatures|]]  [["Reasonable certainty" standard proposed for Maryland signatures|]]  [["Repeal Corporate Loophole" initiative sponsors file sigs in California|]]  [[Talk:"Repeal Corporate Loophole" initiative sponsors file sigs in California|]]  [["Right-to-work" bill on the agenda for Indiana in 2012|]]  [[Talk:"Right-to-work" bill on the agenda for Indiana in 2012|]]  [[Talk:"Road to the Future" bill signed into law in Virginia|]]  [["Road to the Future" bill signed into law in Virginia|]]  "Roll" Roland W. Luehne Republican majority [[Talk:"Roll" Roland W. Luehne|]]  [[Talk:"Six Californias" Initiative (2016)|]]  [["Six Californias" Initiative (2016)|]]  Spike Ericson Democrat majority [[Talk:"Spike" R.L. Ericson|]]  [["Stop Hidden Taxes" supporters file 1.1 million signatures in California|]]  [[Talk:"Stop Hidden Taxes" supporters file 1.1 million signatures in California|]]  [[Talk:"Vermont Transparency Tour" to kick off next month|]]  [["Vermont Transparency Tour" to kick off next month|]]  [["Whether to Pursue the Creation of a 51st State" Colorado County Referendum Questions (November 2013)|]]  [[Talk:"Whether to Pursue the Creation of a 51st State" Colorado County Referendum Questions (November 2013)|]]  [[Talk:$1,000,000 donations accounted for 70% of all donations to California's November propositions|]]  [[$1,000,000 donations accounted for 70% of all donations to California's November propositions|]]  [[Talk:$34 million dollar bond a possibility for Boise voters in November|]]  [[$34 million dollar bond a possibility for Boise voters in November|]]  [[Talk:$6 billion in school bonds decided at the ballot box|]]  [[$6 billion in school bonds decided at the ballot box|]]  [[$6 million contract awarded to market Nevada health insurance exchange|]]  [[Talk:$6 million contract awarded to market Nevada health insurance exchange|]]  [[$810 million bond measure divides Wake County school board candidates|]]  [[Talk:$810 million bond measure divides Wake County school board candidates|]]  [[Talk:Brown v. Board of Education|]]  [[Brown v. Board of Education|]]  [[Talk:'Fighting Sioux' referendum ban unconstitutional, says tribal attorney|]]  [['Fighting Sioux' referendum ban unconstitutional, says tribal attorney|]]  [[Talk:'Fiscal cliff' may hamper Sandy aid|]]  [['Fiscal cliff' may hamper Sandy aid|]]  [[Talk:'Political downsizing': Western New York may be setting trend|]]  [['Political downsizing': Western New York may be setting trend|]]  [[File talk:(Garrett Bradley.jpg|]]  [[File:(Garrett Bradley.jpg|]]  [[Talk:(Update) Ohio health care amendment only initiative to file signatures so far|]]  [[(Update) Ohio health care amendment only initiative to file signatures so far|]]  [[File:(WA) Sam-and-the-Guv-certify-2011-Election-001.jpg|]]  [[File talk:(WA) Sam-and-the-Guv-certify-2011-Election-001.jpg|]]  [[User talk:+Eric|]]  [[User talk:+aeric|]]  [[File talk:-Map of Nebraska highlighting York County.png|]]  [[File:-Map of Nebraska highlighting York County.png|]]  [[File:01Stumpf.jpg|]]  [[File talk:01Stumpf.jpg|]]  [[File talk:02Skoe.jpg|]]  [[File:02Skoe.jpg|]]  [[File:03Saxhaug.jpg|]]  [[File talk:03Saxhaug.jpg|]]  [[File talk:04Olson.jpg|]]  [[File:04Olson.jpg|]]  [[File:05Tomassoni.jpg|]]  [[File talk:05Tomassoni.jpg|]]  [[File talk:06Bakk.jpg|]]  [[File:06Bakk.jpg|]]  [[File:07Solon.jpg|]]  [[File talk:07Solon.jpg|]]  [[File:08-01-14 Kander Statement on Proposed Constitutional Amendment 1.pdf|]]  [[File talk:08-01-14 Kander Statement on Proposed Constitutional Amendment 1.pdf|]]  [[File talk:08LoureyT.jpg|]]  [[File:08LoureyT.jpg|]]  [[File:092714governorbillsign.jpg|]]  [[File talk:092714governorbillsign.jpg|]]  [[File talk:09Langseth.jpg|]]  [[File:09Langseth.jpg|]]  [[Talk:1,128 state employees in Connecticut earn more than Gov. Dan Malloy|]]  [[1,128 state employees in Connecticut earn more than Gov. Dan Malloy|]]  [[File:10-1 Map.jpg|]]  [[File talk:10-1 Map.jpg|]]  [[File:10.burns.jpg|]]  [[File talk:10.burns.jpg|]]  [[1000 Friends of Oregon|]]  [[File:100 TriciaCotham.jpg|]]  [[File talk:100 TriciaCotham.jpg|]]  [[Category talk:100 largest United States cities by population|]]  [[Template talk:100 largest cities|]]  [[Template talk:100 largest cities mayors|]]  [[File:100 years.PNG|]]  [[File talk:100james.jpg|]]  [[File:100james.jpg|]]  [[File:101 BeverlyEarle.jpg|]]  [[File talk:101 BeverlyEarle.jpg|]]  [[File talk:101riley.jpg|]]  [[File:101riley.jpg|]]  [[File:102 BeckyCarney.jpg|]]  [[File talk:102 BeckyCarney.jpg|]]  [[File talk:102rudolph.jpg|]]  [[File:102rudolph.jpg|]]  [[File:103 JimGulley.jpg|]]  [[File talk:103 JimGulley.jpg|]]  [[File talk:103norman.jpg|]]  [[File:103norman.jpg|]]  [[File:104 RuthSamuelson.jpg|]]  [[File talk:104 RuthSamuelson.jpg|]]  [[File talk:104stifler.jpg|]]  [[File:104stifler.jpg|]]  [[File:105.jpg|]]  [[File:105 RicKillian.jpg|]]  [[File talk:105 RicKillian.jpg|]]  [[File talk:105mccomas.jpg|]]  [[File:105mccomas.jpg|]]  [[File:10662218 889013077785197 711977281597882188 o.png|]]  [[File talk:10662218 889013077785197 711977281597882188 o.png|]]  [[File:106 MarthaAlexander.jpg|]]  [[File talk:106 MarthaAlexander.jpg|]]  [[File talk:106smigiel.jpg|]]  [[File:106smigiel.jpg|]]  [[File:107 KellyAlexander.jpg|]]  [[File talk:107 KellyAlexander.jpg|]]  [[File talk:107px-Veckans samarbete rund.svg.png|]]  [[File:107px-Veckans samarbete rund.svg.png|]]  [[File talk:107sossi.jpg|]]  [[File:107sossi.jpg|]]  [[File:108 WilNeumann.jpg|]]  [[File talk:108 WilNeumann.jpg|]]  [[File talk:108walkup.jpg|]]  [[File:108walkup.jpg|]]  [[File:1098 signatures.jpg|]]  [[File talk:1098 signatures.jpg|]]  [[File:109 WilliamCurrent.jpg|]]  [[File talk:109 WilliamCurrent.jpg|]]  [[File talk:109cane.jpg|]]  [[File:109cane.jpg|]]  [[File:10Skogen.jpg|]]  [[File talk:10Skogen.jpg|]]  [[File:10 VanBraxton.jpg|]]  [[File talk:10 VanBraxton.jpg|]]  [[Talk:10 states seek waivers from compliance with MOVE Act|]]  [[10 states seek waivers from compliance with MOVE Act|]]  [[File talk:10kelley.jpg|]]  [[File:10kelley.jpg|]]  [[File:10px-600px-Red x.png|]]  [[File talk:10px-600px-Red x.png|]]  [[File:11-0069.PNG|]]  [[File talk:110 PearlFloyd.jpg|]]  [[File:110 PearlFloyd.jpg|]]  [[File talk:110eckardt.jpg|]]  [[File:110eckardt.jpg|]]  [[110th United States Congress|]]  [[Talk:110th United States Congress|]]  [[File:1115081131.jpg|]]  [[File talk:1115081131.jpg|]]  [[File talk:111 TimMoore.jpg|]]  [[File:111 TimMoore.jpg|]]  [[File talk:111haddaway.jpg|]]  [[File:111haddaway.jpg|]]  [[File:111thHOUSE.png|]]  [[File talk:111thHOUSE.png|]]  [[Category talk:111th Congress|]]  [[File talk:111th US Congress Senate.png|]]  [[File:111th US Congress Senate.png|]]  [[Talk:111th United States Congress|]]  [[111th United States Congress|]]  [[File:112USHouseStructure.svg.png|]]  [[File talk:112USHouseStructure.svg.png|]]  [[File talk:112USSenateStructure.svg.png|]]  [[File:112USSenateStructure.svg.png|]]  [[File talk:112 BobEngland.jpg|]]  [[File:112 BobEngland.jpg|]]  [[File:112elmore.jpg|]]  [[Category talk:112th Congress|]]  [[Template talk:112th House|]]  [[Template talk:112th Senate|]]  [[File:112th US House.png|]]  [[File talk:112th US House.png|]]  [[112th United States Congress|]]  [[Talk:112th United States Congress|]]  [[File talk:112th United States Congress Senators.png|]]  [[File:112th United States Congress Senators.png|]]  [[File:113 WGuice.jpg|]]  [[File talk:113 WGuice.jpg|]]  [[File talk:113conway.jpg|]]  [[File:113conway.jpg|]]  [[Template talk:113thVotes|]]  [[Category talk:113th Congress|]]  [[Category talk:113th Congress key votes|]]  [[Talk:113th Congress members behaving badly|]]  [[113th Congress members behaving badly|]]  [[113th United States Congress|]]  [[Talk:113th United States Congress|]]  [[113th United States Congress draft|]]  [[Template talk:113threpvoterecords|]]  [[Template talk:113thsenvoterecords|]]  [[File talk:114 SusanFisher.jpg|]]  [[File:114 SusanFisher.jpg|]]  [[File talk:114mathias.jpg|]]  [[File:114mathias.jpg|]]  [[File:115 BruceGoforth.jpg|]]  [[File talk:115 BruceGoforth.jpg|]]  [[File talk:115ali.jpg|]]  [[File:115ali.jpg|]]  [[File:116 JaneWhilden.jpg|]]  [[File talk:116 JaneWhilden.jpg|]]  [[File talk:116barkley.jpg|]]  [[File:116barkley.jpg|]]  [[File:117 CarolynJustus.jpg|]]  [[File talk:117 CarolynJustus.jpg|]]  [[File talk:117reznik.jpg|]]  [[File:117reznik.jpg|]]  [[File:118 RayRapp.jpg|]]  [[File talk:118 RayRapp.jpg|]]  [[File talk:118conway.jpg|]]  [[File:118conway.jpg|]]  [[File:119 RHaire.jpg|]]  [[File talk:119 RHaire.jpg|]]  [[File talk:119robinson.jpg|]]  [[File:119robinson.jpg|]]  [[File:11Ingebrigtsen.jpg|]]  [[File talk:11Ingebrigtsen.jpg|]]  [[File:11 EftonSager.jpg|]]  [[File talk:11 EftonSager.jpg|]]  [[File talk:11zirkin.jpg|]]  [[File:11zirkin.jpg|]]  [[User talk:|]]  [[File:120 RogerWest.jpg|]]  [[File talk:120 RogerWest.jpg|]]  [[File:120px-Open book nae 02.png|]]  [[File:120px-Seal of Maine svg.png|]]  [[File:120tarrant.jpg|]]  [[File talk:120tarrant.jpg|]]  [[File talk:121carter.jpg|]]  [[File:121carter.jpg|]]  [[File:122oaks.jpg|]]  [[File talk:122oaks.jpg|]]  [[File talk:123rosenberg.jpg|]]  [[File:123rosenberg.jpg|]]  [[File:124aumann.jpg|]]  [[File talk:124aumann.jpg|]]  [[File talk:125frank.jpg|]]  [[File:125frank.jpg|]]  [[File:126lafferty.jpg|]]  [[File talk:126lafferty.jpg|]]  [[File talk:127anderson.jpg|]]  [[File:127anderson.jpg|]]  [[File:128doory.jpg|]]  [[File talk:128doory.jpg|]]  [[File:128px-Clockimportant.jpg|]]  [[File:128px-Nuvola apps kchart.jpg|]]  [[File:129mcintosh.jpg|]]  [[File talk:129mcintosh.jpg|]]  [[File talk:12Koering.jpg|]]  [[File:12Koering.jpg|]]  [[File:12 WilliamWainwright.jpg|]]  [[File talk:12 WilliamWainwright.jpg|]]  [[File talk:12kasemeyer.jpg|]]  [[File:12kasemeyer.jpg|]]  [[File:130haynes.jpg|]]  [[File talk:130haynes.jpg|]]  [[File talk:131kirk.jpg|]]  [[File:131kirk.jpg|]]  [[File:1328101905 Help.png|]]  [[File talk:1328101905 Help.png|]]  [[File:132stukes.jpg|]]  [[File talk:132stukes.jpg|]]  [[File talk:133branch.jpg|]]  [[File:133branch.jpg|]]  [[File:134glenn.jpg|]]  [[File talk:134glenn.jpg|]]  [[File talk:135harrison.jpg|]]  [[File:135harrison.jpg|]]  [[File:136hammen.jpg|]]  [[File talk:136hammen.jpg|]]  [[User talk:137890|]]  [[File:137krysiak.jpg|]]  [[File talk:137krysiak.jpg|]]  [[File talk:138mchale.jpg|]]  [[File:138mchale.jpg|]]  [[File:139ivey.jpg|]]  [[File talk:139ivey.jpg|]]  [[File talk:13Gimse.jpg|]]  [[File:13Gimse.jpg|]]  [[File talk:13 PatMcElraft.jpg|]]  [[File:13 PatMcElraft.jpg|]]  [[File talk:13robey.jpg|]]  [[File:13robey.jpg|]]  [[File:140niemann.jpg|]]  [[File talk:140niemann.jpg|]]  [[File:141ramirez.jpg|]]  [[File:14Fischbach.jpg|]]  [[File talk:14Fischbach.jpg|]]  [[Talk:14 Democratic senators flee Wisconsin, union protests escalate|]]  [[14 Democratic senators flee Wisconsin, union protests escalate|]]  [[File:14 GeorgeCleveland.jpg|]]  [[File talk:14 GeorgeCleveland.jpg|]]  [[Talk:14 candidates file for West Virginia governor's seat|]]  [[14 candidates file for West Virginia governor's seat|]]  [[File:14kramer.jpg|]]  [[File talk:14kramer.jpg|]]  [[File talk:15-Now-logo.png|]]  [[File:15-Now-logo.png|]]  [[File:150-FlaglerCountyLogo.gif|]]  [[File talk:150-FlaglerCountyLogo.gif|]]  [[File talk:156725 logo final.jpg|]]  [[File:156725 logo final.jpg|]]  [[File:15Clark.jpg|]]  [[File talk:15Clark.jpg|]]  [[Talk:15 Now|]]  [[15 Now|]]  [[File:15 Now logo.png|]]  [[File:15 WGrady.jpg|]]  [[File talk:15 WGrady.jpg|]]  [[File talk:15garagiola.jpg|]]  [[File:15garagiola.jpg|]]  [[File talk:15nowSeattle.jpg|]]  [[File:15nowSeattle.jpg|]]  [[File talk:15px-600px-Yes check.png|]]  [[File:15px-600px-Yes check.png|]]  [[File:160px-Newspaper nicu buculei 01.jpg|]]  [[File:16Fobbe.jpg|]]  [[File talk:16Fobbe.jpg|]]  [[File:16 CarolynJustice.jpg|]]  [[File talk:16 CarolynJustice.jpg|]]  [[File talk:16bronrott.jpg|]]  [[File:16bronrott.jpg|]]  [[File:16frosh.jpg|]]  [[File talk:16frosh.jpg|]]  [[Template talk:1776 ballot measures|]]  [[Category talk:1776 ballot measures|]]  [[Talk:1776 ballot measures|]]  [[1776 ballot measures|]]  [[1777 ballot measures|]]  [[Talk:1777 ballot measures|]]  [[Category talk:1777 ballot measures|]]  [[Template talk:1777 ballot measures|]]  [[Template talk:1778 ballot measures|]]  [[Category talk:1778 ballot measures|]]  [[Talk:1778 ballot measures|]]  [[1778 ballot measures|]]  [[1779 ballot measures|]]  [[Talk:1779 ballot measures|]]  [[Category talk:1779 ballot measures|]]  [[Template talk:1779 ballot measures|]]  [[Template talk:1780 ballot measures|]]  [[Category talk:1780 ballot measures|]]  [[Talk:1780 ballot measures|]]  [[1780 ballot measures|]]  [[1781 ballot measures|]]  [[Talk:1781 ballot measures|]]  [[Category talk:1781 ballot measures|]]  [[Template talk:1781 ballot measures|]]  [[Template talk:1782 ballot measures|]]  [[Category talk:1782 ballot measures|]]  [[Talk:1782 ballot measures|]]  [[1782 ballot measures|]]  [[1783 ballot measures|]]  [[Talk:1783 ballot measures|]]  [[Category talk:1783 ballot measures|]]  [[Template talk:1783 ballot measures|]]  [[Template talk:1784 ballot measures|]]  [[Category talk:1784 ballot measures|]]  [[Talk:1784 ballot measures|]]  [[1784 ballot measures|]]  [[1785 ballot measures|]]  [[Talk:1785 ballot measures|]]  [[Category talk:1785 ballot measures|]]  [[Template talk:1785 ballot measures|]]  [[Template talk:1786 ballot measures|]]  [[Category talk:1786 ballot measures|]]  [[Talk:1786 ballot measures|]]  [[1786 ballot measures|]]  [[1787 ballot measures|]]  [[Talk:1787 ballot measures|]]  [[Category talk:1787 ballot measures|]]  [[Template talk:1787 ballot measures|]]  [[Template talk:1788 ballot measures|]]  [[Category talk:1788 ballot measures|]]  [[Talk:1788 ballot measures|]]  [[1788 ballot measures|]]  [[1789 ballot measures|]]  [[Talk:1789 ballot measures|]]  [[Category talk:1789 ballot measures|]]  [[Template talk:1789 ballot measures|]]  [[Template talk:1790 ballot measures|]]  [[Category talk:1790 ballot measures|]]  [[Talk:1790 ballot measures|]]  [[1790 ballot measures|]]  [[1791 ballot measures|]]  [[Talk:1791 ballot measures|]]  [[Category talk:1791 ballot measures|]]  [[Template talk:1791 ballot measures|]]  [[Category talk:1791 ballot measures, by state|]]  [[Category talk:1792 ballot measures|]]  [[Template talk:1792 ballot measures|]]  [[Talk:1792 ballot measures|]]  [[1792 ballot measures|]]  [[1793 ballot measures|]]  [[Talk:1793 ballot measures|]]  [[Template talk:1793 ballot measures|]]  [[Category talk:1793 ballot measures|]]  [[Category talk:1794 ballot measures|]]  [[Template talk:1794 ballot measures|]]  [[Talk:1794 ballot measures|]]  [[1794 ballot measures|]]  [[Category talk:1794 ballot measures, by state|]]  [[Category talk:1795 ballot measures|]]  [[Template talk:1795 ballot measures|]]  [[1795 ballot measures|]]  [[Talk:1795 ballot measures|]]  [[Talk:1796 ballot measures|]]  [[1796 ballot measures|]]  [[Template talk:1796 ballot measures|]]  [[Category talk:1796 ballot measures|]]  [[Category talk:1797 ballot measures|]]  [[Template talk:1797 ballot measures|]]  [[1797 ballot measures|]]  [[Talk:1797 ballot measures|]]  [[Category talk:1797 ballot measures, by state|]]  [[Category talk:1798 ballot measures|]]  [[Template talk:1798 ballot measures|]]  [[Talk:1798 ballot measures|]]  [[1798 ballot measures|]]  [[Category talk:1798 ballot measures, by state|]]  [[Category talk:1799 ballot measures|]]  [[Template talk:1799 ballot measures|]]  [[1799 ballot measures|]]  [[Talk:1799 ballot measures|]]  [[File:17Olseen.jpg|]]  [[File talk:17Olseen.jpg|]]  [[File:17 FrankIler.jpg|]]  [[File talk:17 FrankIler.jpg|]]  [[File talk:17forehand.jpg|]]  [[File:17forehand.jpg|]]  [[Template talk:1800 ballot measures|]]  [[Category talk:1800 ballot measures|]]  [[Talk:1800 ballot measures|]]  [[1800 ballot measures|]]  [[1801 ballot measures|]]  [[Talk:1801 ballot measures|]]  [[Category talk:1801 ballot measures|]]  [[Template talk:1801 ballot measures|]]  [[Category talk:1801 ballot measures, by state|]]  [[Category talk:1802 ballot measures|]]  [[Template talk:1802 ballot measures|]]  [[Talk:1802 ballot measures|]]  [[1802 ballot measures|]]  [[Category talk:1802 ballot measures, by state|]]  [[Category talk:1803 ballot measures|]]  [[Template talk:1803 ballot measures|]]  [[1803 ballot measures|]]  [[Talk:1803 ballot measures|]]  [[Talk:1804 ballot measures|]]  [[1804 ballot measures|]]  [[Template talk:1804 ballot measures|]]  [[Category talk:1804 ballot measures|]]