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K-12 Education in {{{State}}}
Education facts
State Superintendent: [[{{{Superintendent}}}]]
Number of students: {{{Number students}}}
Number of teachers: {{{Number teachers}}}
Teacher/pupil ratio: {{{Teacher/pupil ratio}}}
Number of school districts: {{{Number districts}}}
Number of schools: {{{Number schools}}}
Graduation rate: {{{Grad rate}}}
Per-pupil spending: {{{Pupil spending}}}
See also
[[{{{Ed department}}}]] • [[List of school districts in {{{State}}}]] • [[{{{State}}}]] • School boards portal
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Education policy project
Public education in the United States
[[Public education in {{{State}}}]]
Glossary of education terms
Note: The statistics on this page are mainly from government sources, including the U.S. Census Bureau and the National Center for Education Statistics. Figures given are the most recent as of June 2014, with school years noted in the text or footnotes.
[edit] Template-info.png Template documentation

Blank copy code

{{Education information infobox
|Number students=
|Number teachers=
|Teacher/pupil ratio=
|Number districts= 
|Number schools=
|Grad rate=
|Pupil spending=
|Ed department= 


{{Education information infobox
|Image=Flag of California.png
|Superintendent=Tom Torlakson
|Number students=6,287,834
|Number teachers=268,689
|Teacher/pupil ratio=1:23.4
|Number districts=1,187
|Number schools=10,170
|Grad rate=78%
|Pupil spending=$9,139
|Ed department=California Department of Education


{{Education information infobox
|State= Enter the state name
|Image= Use the state flag -- does not need the "File" beforehand
|Superintendent= Name of superintendent
|Number students= Number of students in K-12 in the state
|Number teachers= Number of teachers in K-12 in the state
|Teacher/pupil ratio= Ratio of teachers to students
|Number districts= Number of public school districts
|Number schools= Number of public schools
|Grad rate= State grad rate
|Pupil spending= Per-pupil spending 
|Ed department= Link to the state department of education page owned by SBE