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K-12 Education in {{{State}}}
Education facts
State Superintendent: [[{{{Superintendent}}}]]
Number of students: {{{Number students}}}
Number of teachers: {{{Number teachers}}}
Teacher/pupil ratio: {{{Teacher/pupil ratio}}}
Number of school districts: {{{Number districts}}}
Number of schools: {{{Number schools}}}
Graduation rate: {{{Grad rate}}}
Per-pupil spending: {{{Pupil spending}}}
See also
[[{{{Ed department}}}]] • [[{{{State}}} school districts]] • [[List of school districts in {{{State}}}]] • [[{{{State}}}]] • School boards portal
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Education policy project
Public education in the United States
[[Public education in {{{State}}}]]
Glossary of education terms
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Blank copy code

{{Education information infobox
|Number students=
|Number teachers=
|Teacher/pupil ratio=
|Number districts= 
|Number schools=
|Grad rate=
|Pupil spending=
|Ed department= 


{{Education information infobox
|Image=Flag of California.png
|Superintendent=Tom Torlakson
|Number students=6,287,834
|Number teachers=268,689
|Teacher/pupil ratio=1:23.4
|Number districts=1,187
|Number schools=10,170
|Grad rate=78%
|Pupil spending=$9,139
|Ed department=California Department of Education


{{Education information infobox
|State= Enter the state name
|Image= Use the state flag -- does not need the "File" beforehand
|Superintendent= Name of superintendent
|Number students= Number of students in K-12 in the state
|Number teachers= Number of teachers in K-12 in the state
|Teacher/pupil ratio= Ratio of teachers to students
|Number districts= Number of public school districts
|Number schools= Number of public schools
|Grad rate= State grad rate
|Pupil spending= Per-pupil spending 
|Ed department= Link to the state department of education page owned by SBE