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How gubernatorial vacancies are filled
State Constitutional source First in line to succeed Second in line to succeed Word count of vacancy provision(s)
AlabamaArticle V, Sections 127-128Lieutenant GovernorPresident pro tem. of the Senate404
AlaskaArticle III, Sections 9-14Lieutenant GovernorN/A255
ArizonaArticle V, Section 6Secretary of StateAttorney General223
ArkansasArticle VI, Sections 12-14President of the SenateSpeaker of the House288
CaliforniaArticle V, Section 10Lieutenant GovernorN/A105
ColoradoArticle IV, Sections 13Lieutenant GovernorPresident of the Senate1099
ConnecticutArticle IV, Section 18Lieutenant GovernorPresident pro tem. of the Senate385
DelawareArticle III, Section 20Lieutenant GovernorSecretary of State674
FloridaArticle IV, Section 3Lieutenant GovernorAs prescribed by law173
GeorgiaSection I, Paragraph VLieutenant GovernorSpeaker of the House of Representatives299
HawaiiArticle V, Section 4Lieutenant GovernorAs prescribed by law155
IdahoArticle IV, Sections 12 and 14Lieutenant GovernorPresident of the Senate Pro Tempore182
IllinoisArticle V, Section 6Lieutenant Governorelected Attorney General229
IndianaArticle 5, Section 10Lieutenant GovernorThe speaker of the house of representatives685
IowaArticle IV, Section IVLieutenant GovernorPresident of the Senate461
KansasArticle 1, Section 11Lieutenant GovernorAs prescribed by law167
KentuckyArticle 6, Section 84Lieutenant GovernorN/A261
LouisianaArticle IV, Section 14Lieutenant GovernorElected Secretary of the State78
MaineArticle IV, Sections 14 and 15President of the SenateSpeaker of the House of Representatives856
MarylandArticle II, Sections 6 and 7Lieutenant GovernorPresident of the Senate842
MassachusettsArticle LV of the Amendments to the Massachusetts ConstitutionLieutenant GovernorSecretary of the Commonwealth556
MichiganArticle V, Section 26Lieutenant GovernorElected Secretary of State218
MinnesotaArticle V, Section 5Lieutenant GovernorThe last elected Presiding Officer of the Senate157
MississippiArticle V, Section 131Lieutenant GovernorPresident of the Senate Pro Tempore324
MissouriArticle IV, Sections 11(a), (b), and (c)Lieutenant GovernorPresident Pro Tempore of the Senate619
MontanaArticle VI, Section 14Lieutenant GovernorAs prescribed by law379
NebraskaArticle IV, Section 16Lieutenant GovernorSpeaker of the Legislature197
NevadaArticle 5, Section 18Lieutenant GovernorN/A107
New HampshireExecutive Power, Section 49 and 49aPresident of the SenateSpeaker of the House of Representatives933
New JerseyArticle V, Section I, paragraph 6Lieutenant GovernorPresident of the Senate197
New MexicoArticle V, Section 7Lieutenant GovernorSecretary of State305
New YorkArticle IV, Sections 5 and 6Lieutenant GovernorTemporary President of the Senate455
North CarolinaArticle III, Section 3Lieutenant GovernorN/A345
North DakotaArticle V, Section 11Lieutenant GovernorSecretary of State65
OhioArticle III, Sections 15, 17, and 22Lieutenant GovernorPresident of the Senate603
OklahomaArticle VI, Sections 15 and 16Lieutenant Governorpresident, pro tempore, of the Senate235
OregonArticle V, Section 8aSecretary of StateState Treasurer264
PennsylvaniaArticle IV, Section 13 and 14Lieutenant GovernorPresident pro tempore of the Senate232
Rhode IslandArticle IX, Sections 9 and 10Lieutenant GovernorSpeaker of the House of Representatives108
South CarolinaArticle IV, Sections 6 and 7
& Article IV, Section 11 and 12
Lieutenant GovernorN/A586
South DakotaArticle IV, Section 6Lieutenant GovernorAs prescribed by law188
TennesseeArticle III, Section 4
& Article III, Section 12
Speaker of the SenateSpeaker of the House of Representatives197
TexasArticle 4, Section 3a
& Article 4, Section 16
Lieutenant GovernorAs prescribed by law495
UtahArticle VII, Section 11Lieutenant GovernorPresident pro tempore of the Senate171
VermontChapter II, Section 24Lieutenant GovernorAs prescribed by law162
VirginiaArticle V, Section 16Lieutenant GovernorAttorney General707
WashingtonArticle III, Section 10Lieutenant GovernorSecretary of State378
West VirginiaArticle VII, Section 16President of the SenateSpeaker of the House of Delegates133
WisconsinArticle V, Sections 7 and 8Lieutenant GovernorSecretary of State226
WyomingArticle 4, Section 6Secretary of StateN/A51