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For the full effects of this template in 2012, see: Elected officials running for a different office in 2012

This template is for use on incumbents who are running for a different office than they current represent.

  • 1=chamber where incumbent
  • 2=chamber running into
  • 3=year


Copy the following code based on the chamber (or office) and year you are working with:

State Senate

{{Inc new office|State Senate|State House|2012}}
{{Inc new office|State Senate|U.S. House|2012}}
{{Inc new office|State Senate|U.S. Senate|2012}}
{{Inc new office|State Senate|state executive office|2012}}
{{Inc new office|State Senate|Other|2012}}

State House

{{Inc new office|State House|State Senate|2012}}
{{Inc new office|State House|U.S. Senate|2012}}
{{Inc new office|State House|U.S. House|2012}}
{{Inc new office|State House|state executive office|2012}}
{{Inc new office|State House|Other|2012}}

US Senate

{{Inc new office|U.S. Senate|state executive office|2012}}
{{Inc new office|U.S. Senate|Other|2012}}

US House

{{Inc new office|U.S. House|state executive office|2012}}
{{Inc new office|U.S. House|U.S. Senate|2012}}
{{Inc new office|U.S. House|Other|2012}}

State executive official

{{Inc new office|State executive official|State House|2012}}
{{Inc new office|State executive official|State Senate|2012}}
{{Inc new office|State executive official|U.S. House|2012}}
{{Inc new office|State executive official|U.S. Senate|2012}}
{{Inc new office|State executive official|Other|2012}}
{{Inc new office|state executive official|state executive office|2012}}