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This template is for use on pages of incumbents who are choosing to retire rather than seek re-election.

  • 1=chamber
  • 2=year

If the incumbent retired because of redistricting, there is a third parameter:

  • 3=Redistricting

Simply type "|Redistricting" after the year.

If the incumbent decided to resign prior to the end of the term then there is one more additional parameter to include. After "year" the term "(early)" should be added. Such as:

{{Incretire|State Senate|2012 (early)}}


Copy the following code based on the chamber (or office) and year you are working with:

{{Incretire|State Senate|2012}}
{{Incretire|State House|2012}}
{{Incretire|U.S. Senate|2012}}
{{Incretire|U.S. House|2012}}
{{Incretire|State executive official|2012}}