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Type Title Subject Description Result
CISS Question 1 Campaign Finance Regulates spending on ballot question campaigns Defeatedd
VR Question 2 Administration of government Requires use of seat belts Approveda
VR Question 3 Education Eliminates one of the two ways in which students may authorize fees to be assessed on tuition bills at state-operated colleges and universities to support nonpartisan student organizations that attempt to influence state legislation Defeatedd
CISS Question 4 Term limits Sets term limits on which candidate names could be printed on ballots for specified state and federal public offices. Approveda
CISS Question 5 Business regulation Regarding the opening of retail stores on Sunday morning and certain holidays Approveda
CISS Question 6 Income Tax Requires Massachusetts income tax rates to be graduated, in order to distribute the burden of the tax fairly and equitably Defeatedd
CICA Question 7 Income Tax Changes the state personal income tax laws if a proposed amendment to the Massachusetts Constitution requiring income tax rates to be graduated is approved at the 1994 state election. Defeatedd
CISS Question 8 Highway Tax Revenue Increases the portion of gasoline tax revenue that would be credited to the state Highway Fund Approveda
CISS Question 9 Business Regulation Prohibits rent control Approveda

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