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Type Title Subject Description Result
VR Proposal 1 Admin of Gov't Expands powers for emergency managers (EMs) and ability of Governor to appoint EMs. Defeatedd

CICA Proposal 2 Labor Makes collective bargaining a right for public and private workers. Defeatedd

CICA Proposal 3 Energy Mandates that 25% of the state's electricity come from renewable sources by 2025. Defeatedd

CICA Proposal 4 Labor Puts give home health care providers limited collective bargaining rights. Defeatedd

CICA Proposal 5 Taxes Requires increase in state taxes to be approved by 2/3 majority in Legislature or statewide vote. Defeatedd

CICA Proposal 6 Transportation Requires voters to approve any new bridge or tunnel from the state to Canada. Defeatedd

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